SAN – Storage Networks

SAN (Storage Area Networks) are currently at the forefront of data storage technology. To put the concept of SAN simply, a SAN can be seen as a separate network of storage devices which are physically apart from, yet still connected to the network. A SAN can work on any size scale, accessing a central group of storage devices from network servers. By using a SAN, a back-end network is created intended specifically for storing data, completely eliminating the burden of storage traffic over the LAN limiting network bandwidth.  SAN offers elevated reliability with 99.999% uptime, which equates to approximately 5 minutes of scheduled or unscheduled downtime per year.

San Diego IT can help your business realize the many benefits of utilizing a SAN, including serverless backup. Serverless backup allows disk storage devices to copy data straight to backup devices via the high-speed links of the SAN, requiring absolutely no involvement from a server. Data is retained on the SAN, so the transfer of data does not corrupt the LAN, leaving the server processing resources available for client systems. The storage devices of the SAN are accessible from any server on your business network. Not only does a SAN provide an easy method of serverless file backup, SAN networks also deal with problems more efficiently than other methods of storage, such as direct attached storage. The storage units within the SAN network are able to maintain the network while a problem is being resolved; meaning a single hard drive crash within the network will not bring down the entire system.

So who can benefit from applying SAN storage into their business network? Large enterprises that need to store and access a greater amount of data than smaller businesses are able to customize their networks to perform as needed due to the flexibility offered by SAN storage. Small businesses can also utilize the benefits of SAN networks by implementing a SAN in order to consolidate business data or increase efficiency of their intranet and/or internet activity.  San Diego IT’s team of experts is here to help your business streamline data storage and increase network efficiency by integrating a SAN into your current IT infrastructure. Let San Diego IT get you started with a state-of-the-art Storage Area Network today.