Managed IT Services

Patch Management

In business, the IT atmosphere is an ever changing element, constantly becoming more complex and supporting growing numbers of multiple platforms and devices. As information technology continues to evolve and become more multifaceted, it is becoming increasingly important, especially in business, to stay up to date with today’s rapidly changing IT environment.

While this technological evolution is beneficial to the productivity of an enterprise, it is critical that businesses take the appropriate measures necessary to mitigate IT risk and enhance IT security. With San Diego IT’s patch management service in place, our technicians make sure your business network stays up to date with current security patches and upgrades necessary in maintaining a healthy IT atmosphere.

Not every patch is built the same.  You may be receiving patches for your Microsoft products only, which can leave all of your other applications and operating systems vulnerable and your network unsecure.  How do you know if all necessary patches have been applied?  Most importantly, how do you know which patches are required? 20 patches will come out today, but you may only need one. This is where San Diego IT comes in, installing all necessary patches upon release and filtering out those that are not required.

By patching your machines regularly, you are able to avoid security threats, therefore decreasing the amount of company downtime related to virus attacks and other unwanted network intrusions.  Leave it to the professionals who are graduated from the at San Diego IT to ensure your servers and desktop computers stay current with all of the latest patches and updates, keeping them up and running round-the-clock.

Network Management

San Diego IT implements state of the art server and network management services for small businesses to large enterprises. By applying technology and devices within your information systems, we are able to construct a companywide view of all the resources and tasks associated with the relevant components of your business network. At the same time, our network engineers keep a watchful eye out for any potential disruptions within your business network.

With San Diego IT, your company resources and tasks are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year by our network management specialists. We implement a proactive approach to detecting problems and offer remote problem management to guarantee flawless network operation, keeping your network running smoothly at all times.

 San Diego IT’s comprehensive suite of network management solutions take the initiative by acting rather than reacting to events that occur in your network infrastructure. By doing so we are often able to eliminate the need for incident reporting and equipment downtime by remotely repairing network problems before users ever become aware of them. This proactive approach to network management enhances the efficiency of support and management of technology across today’s multifaceted information infrastructures, keeping your company up to date with the latest technology and updates and preventing unnecessary network downtime.