Managed Servers

San Diego IT managed server hosting provides your business with dedicated server platforms that can be pre-configured with service add-ons in order to meet your business specific needs on any size scale. From small businesses to large enterprises, with our managed server hosting services you are able to focus your attention on core business activities while San Diego IT takes care of all server administration tasks. These services are best suited for businesses that must maintain and manage web, application, and database servers for day-to-day business functions but lack the time or resources necessary to do so.

Managed server hosting by San Diego IT helps to maintain business continuity, reducing downtime by providing high availability for your servers and data.  Load balancing increases performance and uptime for managed servers and application servers in Windows and Linux environments. By sharing the full amount of the load between multiple servers, uptime is retained in the event of a server crash. Database housing keeps your vital business database safe and secure while storage and backup solutions safeguard your data from loss caused by an unpredicted disaster or system failure. This allows your business to swiftly recover from loss of company data should the unexpected happen.

Managed firewalls further protect your servers and data and meet PCI DSS and HIPPA compliance standards amongst many others.  Anti-Virus protection is also implemented in our managed server plans ensuring your servers and data stay safe, secure, and virus free. San Diego IT maintains a constant eye on your server through real time monitoring and incident reporting. This proactive approach allows us to immediately isolate and resolve any issues that may arise within your system before they reach the point of causing unscheduled company downtime.