Remote Access

Connecting Your Mobile Workforce

So you need to give everyone in your office access to files and folders within your business network no matter where they are, but you don’t want to compromise security. What do you do? For a workforce that is continually on the go, an SSL VPN can provide convenient, safe access to network data wherever an internet connection can be established. Providing access to large numbers of mobile employees, the VPN appliance uses state-of-the-art encryption technology to protect traffic when passing over untrustworthy networks with flexible verification to uphold user access. The VPN also logs all external use to protect against data outflow for any size network, from small businesses to large enterprises, providing added security and administrative supervision. Easily and securely gain access to business email, network folders and files, intranets, Web and network applications, and remote desktops from any location where internet is available.

Securely Connecting Your Remote Offices and Executive Residences

In this day and age, a working professional must constantly be connected to his or her data. In order to accommodate that necessity, there are several different applications that can provide the convenient access you want with the security you need. With a SSL VPN in place, connections can be established to remote offices, allowing executives of large enterprises to gain access to additional network resources of different offices or branches of the company no matter where they are. The VPN is self configuring and user’s passwords are unified, which makes connectivity faster and simpler as there is no need to remember numerous passwords. Executives are given the option to securely connect to central or remote offices from the comfort of their home, giving them the freedom of not being tethered to a desk all day while still able to do their jobs efficiently. The VPN offers enhanced layered security capable of fully scanning all traffic for threats such as spyware, worms, viruses, Trojans, hackers, and any other threats to your network.